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You get 24 hours to make a film.
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Apple’s own 24×7!!

Apple Computers announces their Insomnia Film Festival. Make a film in 24 hours. The words and language sound so familiar to what we have been doing since 2003. All we say is, Welcome Apple. Let the movies begin! Insomnia is a cool name but open only to students of US colleges above the age of [...]

Apple’s own 24×7!!
Profiles of Winners

Here is a profile of the winners of 24×7 Making Movies program held in Bombay in October 2006 The Jury selected three films for the main awards: The films listed in alphabetical order of the maker are: Anish Soman- JUST A FILM Anish is our star animator whose ‘Mud Island’ managed to get the attention [...]

Profiles of Winners


When a young housewife, living a life of utter subjugation, is raped by a member of the family, she retaliates with the strength she never knew she possessed.


The film is one of the 14 films short-listed by the jury.

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A free-spirited young boy struck by the beauty of a butterfly, scampers though the wilderness to catch it, in the process crushing the flora and fauna and killing the butterfly.


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# 20. MY QUEST

A hard hitting anti-abortion film. A young wife gets pregnant much to the exasperation of her husband, who insists that she undergo an abortion procedure. The wife will have nothing of this and asks the husband to make a choice – either he accepts her with the baby or they part ways.

My Quest

The film is one of the 14 films short-listed by the jury.

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# 23. PEN v/s PEN

The filmmaker employs animation to drive home the point that money can destroy the best of relationships. The film shows two fountain pens sketching a beautiful landscape. While one pen draws the trunk of a tree, the other adds the leaves. One draws the sun, the other, the rays. They work in tandem until one of them draws a pot of gold . . . .


The film is one of the 14 films short-listed by the jury.

It went on to win one of the top 3 honours – the FCP Editing Software from Apple.

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The film focuses on the classic inter-generational conflict – a son’s need to sell the ancestral home and move to the city, in short move forward, and a father’s refusal to let go of his nostalgic past.


The film is one of the 14 films short-listed by the jury.

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