Profiles of Winners

Here is a profile of the winners of 24×7 Making Movies program held in Bombay in October 2006

The Jury selected three films for the main awards:
The films listed in alphabetical order of the maker are:

Anish Soman- JUST A FILM

Anish is our star animator whose ‘Mud Island’ managed to get the attention of the Cannes Committee in the 2004 24×7 at IFFI Goa. This time too he has managed to impress all of us with his simple style and powerful film. He has done his course in Animation from ZICA and ICAAT in Mumbai and though he’s from Kerala he only speaks Hindi! More importantly he has done 2-D animation and says his dream is to make a shift of one more dimension!

Chandrashekhar Kamble- TRING TRING

Chandrashekhar Kamble is a super confident curly haired chap who has managed to make us laugh with his film about a cell phone creating havoc amidst a group of technologically unaware villagers. With a background from JJ School of Art, Mumbai he will take his curly hair and the brains below them to the prestigious Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) where he has finally made it after a very anxious wait of a month.

Mahashweta Burma- GHUTAN

This girl came twice . We saw twice. And she has conquered twice.
She’s all of 18 but her short films are far more mature than what her age would lead you to expect. In the 2004 24×7 at IFFI Goa, it was about the rape of pristine beaches by us who litter it with garbage. This time she has taken on child abuse in a simple, powerful and profound way. A 2nd year BA Program student at the St. Stephens college Delhi this could be the beginning of a great career in filmmaking.

A Special Jury Award was given to:

Md Ali Rukadikar- JUST A MOMENT

In 2004 he made a powerful film about the ravaging obsession for drugs for which he won one of the top awards. This time he has created a truly brilliant concept based film where for Just A Moment two very different lives meet and are changed forever.This tall alternative rock afficionado is now working at a production house that makes advertisements. His fan video for the paki band JAL can be found at YouTube!

In the category 24×7 FREE for people above the age of 24 the Jury gave a Special Award to:

Neha Raheja Thakkar – ERASED

She gave up on architecture to make a decision to shift to advertising. Her film Erased is about a street kid who has just hit puberty and shows his obsession for a heroine on a poster. Neha plans to move from advertising to video art and art installations.

The Winners

Of course everyone who has completed a film in 24 hours is a real winner and Congratulations to all of you.

Our jury of filmmaker Farhan Akhtar, the writers and film critics Nandita Puri, Meenakshi Shedde and Mayank Shekhar selected a few amongst the 30 films.

The Jury selected three films for the Grand Prize:
The films listed in alphabetical order of the maker are:

Anish Soman- JUST A FILM

Chandrashekhar Kamble- TRING TRING

Mahashweta Burma- GHUTAN

A Special Jury Award was given to:

Mohammad Ali Rukadikar- JUST A MOMENT

In the category 24×7 FREE for people above the age of 24 the Jury gave a Special Award to:

Neha Raheja Thakkar – ERASED

Special Screening of films

List of Films made from 1st to the 7th of October 2006

1 Aditya Kelgaonkar’s THE PAUSES OF A STAND-UP COMEDIAN – (13 min 22 sec)
2 Akash Raghani’s MY BROTHER MY TOY – (10 min 10 sec)
3 Alok Seth’s THE ROPE TRICKS – (2 min 57 sec)
4 Aniruddh Swarnkar’s PRASAD KI PUDIYA - (11 min 40 sec)
5 Anish Soman’s JUST A FILM – (2 min 15 sec)
6 Arunabh Kumar’s THE TERRIFIED CLOWN – (11 min 28 sec)
7 Ashutosh Pathak’s LAST LAUGH – (8 min 41 sec)
8 Asif Anis Khan’s GUEST APPEARANCE – (16 min 06 sec)
9 Chandrashekhar Kamble’s TRING TRING – (16 min 50 sec)
10 Dhaval Shah’s LOST & FOUND – (9 min 15 sec)
11 Divesh Lad’s THE SUN – (3 min 54 sec)
12 Dushyant Kanungo‘s BEFORE THE STORM – (12 min 28 sec)
13 Faizan Ansari‘s FACES – (5 min 26 sec)
14 Karan Talwar’s KRISHNA – (4 min 44 sec)
15 Karm Chawla’s EXHALE – (5 min)
17 Mahashweta Burma’s GHUTAN – (8 min 05 sec)
18 Muhammad-Ali Rukadikar’s JUST A MOMENT – (10 min 58 sec)
19 Mukesh Tiwari’s RAGHAV – (13 min 45 sec)
20 Neha Thakker’s ERASED – (8 min 02 sec)
21 Nilesh Ojha’s BANTYA IKDE YE (4 min 42 sec)
22 Prafulla Naik’s GOOD MORNING BAD NIGHT – (14 min 20 sec)
22 Rajkumar Bhagawat‘s THE BLACK CURTAIN - (9 min 38 sec)
23 Rohit Kumar’s MRITAK – (12 min 02 sec)
24 Sachin Bangera’s JUGGLE STRUGGLE – (6 min 38 sec)
25 Sanjay Jadhav’s DED KILO CHICKEN - (3 min 23 sec)
26 Srinivas Mangipudi’s FUNNY BUSINESS – (7 min 38 sec)
27 Tarunabh Dutta’s WHAT IF . . . – (11 min 52 sec)

SPECIAL SCREENING for the Participants

The Special Screening of the films for the Participants and their team-mates is scheduled for 30th October 2006 from 10:30am to 2:30 pm at Fame Adlabs, Andheri Link Road, Mumbai.

Each participant can collect 10 passes between 9:45am and 10:15am.
Additional passes they will be given on a first-come-first-served basis at 10:30am, depending on the balance passes left.

The films will be screened in the order of the first names of the participants.


The new dates for the Closing Ceremony and Awards Function of 24x7MakingMovies will be October 30th.
The time and venue remain the same as before.

Please mark the new date.

We will be screening ALL the films for the participants and their families and guests. This will be followed by the closing night function.

please check back with this website for final screening times.

Program 2006 Bombay comes to an end

Another one over!

We are excited to announce that the 3rd 24x7MakingMovies program and our 1st one for this season came to a successful end on November 8th.

Congratulations to all the participants and a BIG THANK YOU to all the team working behind the scenes.

We will be posting the films and pictures soon.

Complete List of Films Made

Here is a complete list of films in the order they were made from October 1 to October 8, 2006 !

The Rope Trick by Alok Seth

My Brother, My Toy by Aakash Raghani

Krishna by Karan Talwar

Funny Business by Srinivas Mangipudi

The Pauses of the Stand-Up Comedian by Aditya Kelgaonkar

Just A Film by Anish Soman

Lost & Found by Dhaval Shah

Exhale by Karm Chawla

Before the Storm by Dushyant Kanungo

Good Morning, Bad Night by Prafulla Naik

Prasad ki Pudiya by Aniruddh Swarnkar

Guest Appearance by Asif Anis Khan

Ded Kilo Chicken by Sanjay Jadhav

Raghav by Mukesh Tiwai

Mritak by Rohit Kumar

The Terrified Clown by Arunabh Kumar

The Last Laugh by Ashutosh Pathak

The Sun by Divyesh Lad

Just A Moment by Md Ali Rukadikar

Faces by Faizan Ansari

Ghutan by Mahashweta Burma

Juggle Struggle by Sachin Bangera

What If..? by Tarunabh Dutta

Bantya Ikde De by Nilesh Ojha

Erased by Neha Thakker

Black Curtain by Rajkumar Bhagawant

Tring Tring by Chandrashekhar Kamble

The Jury is out!

After an intensive four hour screening and a long discussion the jury finally came to a conclusion on the most outstanding films at our event in Bombay.

A BIG THANK YOU to our jury members; Farhan Akhtar, Nandita Puri, Meenakshi Shedde and Mayank Shekhar.

The winners will be announced at our closing ceremony on October 30th.

Day 1 Seven Films

Seven films were completed on time. Seven filmmakers were born.

Exhale by Karm Chawla
Funny Business by Srinivas Mangipudi
Krishna by Karan Talwar
Lost and Found by Dhaval Shah
My Brother, My Toy by Akaash Raghani
Pauses of a Stand Up Comedian by Aditya Kelgaonkar
Rope Tricks by Alok Seth

Program Details

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