The list of participants by 12th August 2006

The response to the Program has been fantastic.
And it is going to take us a bit longer than we had initially anticipated to go through all the entries carefully.
Many of the stories are simply fascinating and selecting one over the other, making a choice, is often very difficult. But we are at it . . .

We should have the list of the 35 selected participants by 12th August 2006 on this page.

Do logon once again.
And thank you all for the tremendous response . . . .

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s

Who’s film is it?
It’s Yours! It always will be. You will be credited as director or writer & director.

What about the copyright?
Beginning this edition of 24×7 a company called August Entertainment which is the parent company of 24x7MakingMovies will hold the copyright and all other rights to the film.

You will get a 15% of all net revenues August Entertainment collects.

But hey! That’s unfair. I made the film. It’s my idea.
From the outside it sounds unfair. Look closer and you’ll find we’ve tried to cut a fair deal.

How come?
In the last two editions of 24×7 the filmmaker owned all the rights.
And what happened was NO ONE saw those films.
We then decided to change that model.

What’s new?
In our new model we incubate and mentor the ideas and help participants develop them into more effective scripts and more effective films.

We have intensive script workshops. We have Editing workshops and Camera workshops. We’ve created resources for filmmakers like an actors database, we advise you on locations, on any other aspect of filmmaking you might want, we send out volunteers with you to ensure the filming is trouble free.

In short we are like producers who don’t interfere but help you find your film and make your film.

We believe in your voice and your vision.

Who is we?

We is the team behind 24×7. Our scripts have been official selections and Grand Prize winners at the Cannes International Film Festival, eQuinoxe Script workshops and Tokyo Film Forum amongst others. One of us is also an advisor to the eQuinoxe Script Workshops.

We bring in leading players from the entertainment industry and have short master classes on filmmaking for the particpants.

How will you make sure my film gets seen?
The second part of our model is getting people to see your films.

We decided we’d like to make these available to a wider public.

We are moving very aggressively to make sure ALL the films get screened and shown.
a. We guarantee an Instant World Premiere
b. We screen all films in a cinema theatre
c. We get them censored or rated in countries worldwide to ensure they can get screened anywhere.
d. We will make them available for download on the internet, on pay sites like iTunes, Google and Amazon as well as other sites.
e. We will make them available on a your cellular handset as well.

Big Deal! I can do that on YouTube!
Sure you can.
And if you are not happy here you can always make your film and show it on YouTube or other similar other sites. You can also take it to festivals on your own. Or show it to distributors. There are many resources available on the internet.

Hey, it’s a free world!

Event Oct 2006

The Event Oct 2006 link will have regular updates of the Event

1. The List of 35 Selected Participants will be put up here on
12th August and not 6th August as earlier announced.

2. The Selected Participants will be required to submit full screenplay by 31st August 2006

3. The Event Schedule will be put up in the
1st week of Sept

4. The Shooting & Editing Schedule of the individual participants will be put up in the 1st week of Sept

5. Any other relevant information will be posted from time to time.

The Ground Event – the Workshops & the Filmmaking Week

6. The workshops with the participants – script and technical – will be held in the last week of Sept.

7. The Filmmaking Week will be in the 1st week of Oct.

The dates for the ‘ground event’ are subject to change. We will inform the selected participants by individual email of the final dates. The participants can also get the latest updates on this page.

8. Participants please read the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s before sending your application.
So watch this space regularly

24×7 Making Movies has two sections

24×7 Making Movies: for anyone under 24 years of age.

24×7 Free : for all above 24 years of age.


Laughter & Terror - the theme
To know more about the theme click here

Laughter & Terror – the theme

Laughter & Terror is the theme of our program this years.

You are free to interpret it in the way you like.
Your story can be based on either or both these emotions.

It can be a story based on ‘laughter’ or ‘terror’ or a combination of both.
Remember, ‘Terror’ is not associated with terrorism alone.

Develop your Concept!! Make sure that your concept is original, unique and world class.

Make us all look at this theme in a way we never have.

Note: Send us the complete story in not more than one page – with a beginning, middle and end.
Don’t send us just a treatment or simply a sketchy interpretation of the concept.


The duration of the film can be anywhere between 24 sec to 24 mins. But do bear in mind that the film has to be made in 24 hours flat.

A neat, crisp film would be more effective than a rambling story which you may not be able to shoot within the given time.

Think BIG but don’t be over-ambitious.

Participants please read the Frequently Asked Questions of FAQ’s