Frequently Asked Questions 2

If I get selected…
Here are some answers to questions we have been getting.

If I get selected when will I be required to shoot my film?
When and where am I supposed to report for the shoot?

Once your application gets selected, we will post a list on this website and email you by the 21st,

In that email we’ll let you know:

  1. The date you will be allotted to shoot your film.
  2. The address of the place where you are supposed to report. Our office in Goa will be set up at Kala Academy, Campal, Panaji, Goa.
  3. You may be required to come to Goa as early as on 27th Nov. We will give you the precise information on 21st Nov.

Can I use any music for the film?

Please use Original Music. Copyright conventions do not allow us to screen films with music which has not got the necessary clearance.

  1. If you know a composer and he gives you a letter in writing allowing you to use his music for the film then it is fine.
  2. If you know a music company and they give you a letter allowing you to use their music for your film, that’s OK as well.
  3. Otherwise, get a young budding composer to write a music score for you. It’s his one chance as well.

How should I bring the music?

Bring it on a CD as AIFF files recorded at 48khz. If you get any other format (AIFF at 44.1khz, MP3, AC3, etc then you will have to spend some time converting it to AIFF)

Will there be some sort of orientation workshop we will can attend to familiarize ourselves with the equipment camera and editing system?

We will have two workshops giving rudimentary information about the camera and the editing system. The first workshop will be held at the beginning of the festival for the film-makers shooting in the first 4 days – and the 2nd workshop half way through – for the those shooting on the next 4 days.

Once the film is made, who will hold the copyright of the film?
Copyright to the finished film will be held by the filmmaker i.e the applicant.
The applicant will allow 24x7making movies and it’s sponsors to show the film as a package or as a stand
alone film at:

  1. Film Festivals
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Promotional Events
  4. Any other non-commercial venues.

Applicants are free to sell their films to Television Networks, Theatrical Distribution Chains etc.
If anyone needs help for this please ask us and we can advise you how to go about it.