Tips for selected particpants 1

This is a chance of a lifetime. People from all over the world will be watching. Make the most of it!

You have been selected! Your concept/ideas are good!!

1. Remember, this is an international film festival. People from all over the world will be watching your film.

2. This is a chance of a lifetime. Make the most of it.

3. Develop your Concept!! Make sure that your concept is original, unique and world class.

4. Make us all look at this theme in a way we never have.

5. Before you embark on making your film, here are a few suggestions you may want to consider:
a. Crystallize the Concept! Into one or two sentences: will really help you to focus on what you want to convey.
b. Choose the right Story! One that best conveys and really enhances your concept. Often enough a good concept disintegrates if it doesnt find the right story.
c. Write a Story Outline & Progression Points of the Story as it will unfold on screen.
d. Write the Script! With dialogues and if possible a storyboard.
e. Source your team: Director, Actors, Cameraperson, Sound Recordist, Editor, Music Composer and any other help you may require.
f. And Sleep well before you come to Goa!

Tips for efficient Film-making:

a. Plan the 24 hours well!
b. Stick to a few locations
c. Plan for travel time
d. Plan for transferring film material to the computer (if you have two hours of filmed material on your tape, you will need two and a half hours transfer time
e. Plan for the unpredictable too! Contingencies.