And the winners are…

The Winners of the ’24×7 making movies’ program were announced at the Closing Ceremony of the 35th Indian International Film Festival on December 9, 2004.
The Prizes were handed over by Bollywood star Ms. Preity Zinta.

The Panasonic Digital Camera was won by
Mohammed Ali Rukadikar
for his film ‘The Delivery Boy’.
This Prize was sponsored by Fun Republic.

The Editing Software: Final Cut Pro from Apple was awarded to
Avinash Patil
for his film ‘Pen v/s Pen’

And the offer from Zee Television to Make A Film went to
Vijay Kalamkar for his film

(The film will have a budget of around thirty lakh rupees – and like Dev puts it, it’s a straight jump from Zero to 3 million in 24 hours!!)

Special Jury Recommendations to

Mahasweta Burma for her film ‘I Feel’
Sakshi Gulati for her film ‘Charu’
Rishad D’Cruz for his film ‘The Filmmaker’

The Jury also felt that the two animation films deserved a special mention for the creative thought and execution.

‘The Mud Island’ by Aneesh Soman
‘The Day After What If?’ by Nitesh Jain.

The Jury had a difficult task of selecting the award winners from the 14 films they first shortlisted – from a total of 39 films.

  1. THE SEASIDE STORY by Abhaya Simha
  2. PEN v/s PEN by Avinash Patil
  3. THE MUD ISLAND by Aneesh P. Soman
  4. MY QUEST by Janaki Shinkre
  5. I FEEL by Mahasweta Burma
  6. THE DELIVERY BOY by Mohammed Ali Rudalikar
  7. DAY AFTER WHAT IF? by Nitesh Jain
  8. SAMAJH – SPARE A THOUGHT by Pradeep Nair
  9. THE FILMMAKER by Rishad D’Cruz
  10. BALI – THE SACRIFICE by Robin D’Cruz
  11. CHARU by Shakshi Gulati
  12. SOME LIKE TO DANCE by Sukanya Ghosh
  13. FOOD-CHAIN POKER by Trinankur Banerjee
  14. RANG by Vijay Kalamkar

Mr. Mike Pandey
Mr. Sudhir Mishra.

Chaired by
Mr. Dev Benegal & Ms. Anuradha Parikh