Call for ACTORS

Call for Actors: If you are an Actor and would like to act in one or more of the films . . . .

35 short fiction films will be made
5 films every day for a week
starting 1st October 2006, at the 24×7 Program.

The participants are young creative people, who have something new to say, in a fresh, innovative style.

If you are an Actor and passionate about acting, you may wish to act in one or more of the films.

You would wish to act in these film because:
– the participants are young, up & coming filmmakers, with interesting stories to tell;
– it is an opportunity for you to show-case your talent;
– and if you are a veteran actor, you may wish to support new talent;
– the filmmakers will be mentored by renowned filmmaker, Mr. Dev Benegal;
– each film will be shot in not more than 8 to 12 hours – that is all the time that you will need to commit;
– the films will all be shown on the big screen at the Fame Multiplex as soon as they are made;
– the films will be sent to film festivals, both national and international.

If you are interested, please write back to with your CV and photographs, and we will try and put you in touch with the filmmakers. Please mention ‘Actors – 24×7’ in the subject column of your mail.

The filmmakers will begin interacting with the actors during the workshops, 25th Sept onwards, at the Fame Multiplex, where they will be casting and working out the production details of their films. The exact time and date will be put up on the website.

The films are being made in 24 hours flat – that is about 8 to 12 hours for shooting and the balance for editing and completing the film. The filmmaking week is between 1st Oct to 8th Oct 2006

Films made each day, will be screened the following day.

The entire event takes place at the Fame Multiplex, at the InOrbit Mall in Malad, Mumbai. The films will of course be shot at locations the filmmakers choose – not at the multiplex.

Please go through the rest of the website to know more about the program.

Please Note:
– We are only helping create a platform to bring the actors and filmmakers together.
– The casting is entirely up to the filmmakers themselves.
– If you expect any fees, you may discuss this directly with the filmmakers. However considering that most of them are students, it is unlikely that they will be able to afford any payment.