Script Workshops

Here’s the schedule for the Script workshops.
These are one-on one discussions with Dev Benegal so please come prepared.
Dev has gone through each of your scripts and may have some tough quetions to ask.
Remember this is a rare opportunity you are are getting.

Carry a printout of your script and script break-down.

Please come with your teams on these days , especially with your editor, if you wish to avail of the FCP orientation workshop as well.

The Camera Workshops are being held on 28th and 29th of September.



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Submission of Screenplay

All Selected Applicants please confirm your participation and send in your complete screenplays by 31st August 2006

All applicants who have been selected – under 24 and above 24 sections – are required to confirm their participation in the Event by 17th August 2006.
Write to us at

The Participants are also required to send in their final screenplay by the 31st of August 2006.

As you are aware, the Ground Event – the Workshops & Mentoring Week and the Filmmaking Week – is being held in the last week of September and the 1st week of October.

The participants are not required for the entire fortnight.
They will be required for a couple of days in the last week of September for the Script and Technical Workshops.
And for two days – 24 hours – for making the film in the 1st week of October.

The Schedule will be posted on the website on 10th September.

Visit the website regularly for tips from Mr. Dev Benegal and other updates.