Submission Form

1. Please send us a Form with your data (details required mentioned below)

2. Please send in the story you want to tell, based on our theme, in not more than a page.

3. Send us a sample of any creative work you have done. It could be a writing sample, photographs, a video, a drawing.

4. Please mention clearly in the subject column whether you are applying for 24×7 Making Movies or 24×7 Free

5. Please note: 24×7 Making Movies is for participants under 24 years. 24×7 Free is for participants above 24 years.

6. Read the RULES carefully

7. Cut & paste the information below into the body of your email and send it to us. Or just type it, even handwrite it and send it by post.

8. Last Date for Submission of Entry: 31 July 2006

Here’s what we’d like in the form:


SubjectEntry – 24×7 Making Movies / 24×7 Free

1. Last Name:

2. First Name:

3. Date of Birth:

4. Place of Birth:

5. Permanent Address:

6. Current Address:

7. Telephone Number:

8. email id:

9. Language spoken:

10. Education Qualifications:

11. Name of Educational institute (school / college etc):

12. Are you currently studying or working?

13. Course or Job description

14. Proof of age (please send a photocopy) (if emailing scan and send a color jpeg not larger than 700k)

15. Do you have access to a MiniDV Camera? (if yes please specify manufacturer and model)

16. Do you have any filmmaking experience?

17. Will you bring your own camera?

18. Have you used a Video camera before? MiniDV/VHS/Hi8/Digital8 etc

19. Have you used any computer based editing systems before? If so please tell us about this.

20. Choose your team well. (The age restriction does not apply to your team members, i.e Actors, Camerperson, Editor etc You may give us these names after you have been selected to participate.)

21. Anything else you’d like us to know

22. How did you get to know this Program?
through – Newpapers/TV/Radio/Internet/Word-of-Mouth/Email Flyer/Posters

Please send in the following with this form –

a, A page about the story you want to tell based on our theme – Laughter & Terror

b. A sample of any creative work you have done. It could be a writing sample, photographs, a video, a drawing

c. Proof of Age. (a photocopy or scanned image of one of the following documents – your Passport, Voter ID card, Driving License, Student ID, School/College Certificates, Birth Certificate)

Send in your entries to:

24×7 Making Movies
attn: Sopan Muller
Program Coordinator

Either by post or courier or email

email address:

postal address:
G/5A Laxmi Mills Estate
Off. Dr E. Moses Road. Mahalaxmi
Bombay 400 011
phone: +91-93-222-74092 / +91-98701-15119
fax: +9122-6666-9160