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Incommunicado a one-off publication as part of the Next Wave Festival’s 2006 ‘Empire Games’…


Incommunicado a one-off publication as part of the Next Wave Festival’s 2006 ‘Empire Games‘

Incommunicado will be a collection of writing from around the Commonwealth in a foldable book / world map format – read it, then stick it on your wall. Focussing on the theme of miscommunication, Incommunicado will bring together political and personal stories. It will be published in English, but written in distinctive local voices, with a glossary explaining uncommon words and phrases. Incommunicado will be a glimpse of life all over the Commonwealth, beyond newspaper headlines and medal tallies. It’s going to be a visually stunning, deliciously awkward, collectable literary treat.

Incommunicado will be published in March 2006, in Australia, as part of ‘Empire Games’ – the theme of the Youth Program of the Cultural Festival of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, presented by Next Wave.

If you are a Commonwealth citizen and are 30 years old or under, this is an amazing opportunity for your writing to be published in the context of a high-profile international event. If your work is selected for publication, you will be paid A$50 for your efforts.

Tell me more about this Incommunicado theme …
Misunderstanding is the basis of much comedy, and much tragedy.
Incommunicado will bring together very short (250 word or 500 word) stories, poems, anecdotes and reflections from across the Commonwealth about people trying – and often failing – to communicate. Lost tourists unable to ask for directions; parents who can’t understand their children’s slang; workers forced to sign contracts they don’t understand … We want to hear about communication breakdowns that break hearts, make fortunes, start wars, and everything in between. These stories will be as factual or fantastic, as epic or microscopic, as you make them.

submission deadline: 30 November 2005

For more information about submitting to Incommunicado, go to

For more information about the Next Wave Festival’s 2006 ‘Empire Games’, go to

… Feel free to pass this information on to anyone and everyone who might be eligible.


Romy Ash and Tom Doig


* You must be under 30 at time of deadline, ie, you must be born after 30 November 1975.
* You must be a citizen of a Commonwealth country. (It doesn’t matter which country you currently reside in.)
* You can submit up to three written pieces of work.
* Your submission(s) must be either 250 or 500 words (approximately).
* If your story contains interesting and/or unusual words (and hopefully it will), please format these words in bold, and provide a glossary at the end of your story.
e.g. Dhurna
(Anglo-Indian) – extorting payment from someone by sitting at their front door and staying there without food, threatening violence, until you get paid.
Faamati (Samoan) – to make a squeaking noise by sucking air past the lips in order to gain the attention of a dog or a child.
The glossary is not part of the word count.

* You must email your submission to using the subject line incommunicado submission
* Your submission(s) must be accompanied by
this Incommunicado coversheet with all the fields filled in. Download it (it’s a Word document), fill it in and attach it to your email with your submission.
* Submit your submission(s) in electronic format as an attached rtf file, in a 12-point font, double-spaced.


Submission form available at


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