Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s

Who’s film is it?
It’s Yours! It always will be. You will be credited as director or writer & director.

What about the copyright?
Beginning this edition of 24×7 a company called August Entertainment which is the parent company of 24x7MakingMovies will hold the copyright and all other rights to the film.

You will get a 15% of all net revenues August Entertainment collects.

But hey! That’s unfair. I made the film. It’s my idea.
From the outside it sounds unfair. Look closer and you’ll find we’ve tried to cut a fair deal.

How come?
In the last two editions of 24×7 the filmmaker owned all the rights.
And what happened was NO ONE saw those films.
We then decided to change that model.

What’s new?
In our new model we incubate and mentor the ideas and help participants develop them into more effective scripts and more effective films.

We have intensive script workshops. We have Editing workshops and Camera workshops. We’ve created resources for filmmakers like an actors database, we advise you on locations, on any other aspect of filmmaking you might want, we send out volunteers with you to ensure the filming is trouble free.

In short we are like producers who don’t interfere but help you find your film and make your film.

We believe in your voice and your vision.

Who is we?

We is the team behind 24×7. Our scripts have been official selections and Grand Prize winners at the Cannes International Film Festival, eQuinoxe Script workshops and Tokyo Film Forum amongst others. One of us is also an advisor to the eQuinoxe Script Workshops.

We bring in leading players from the entertainment industry and have short master classes on filmmaking for the particpants.

How will you make sure my film gets seen?
The second part of our model is getting people to see your films.

We decided we’d like to make these available to a wider public.

We are moving very aggressively to make sure ALL the films get screened and shown.
a. We guarantee an Instant World Premiere
b. We screen all films in a cinema theatre
c. We get them censored or rated in countries worldwide to ensure they can get screened anywhere.
d. We will make them available for download on the internet, on pay sites like iTunes, Google and Amazon as well as other sites.
e. We will make them available on a your cellular handset as well.

Big Deal! I can do that on YouTube!
Sure you can.
And if you are not happy here you can always make your film and show it on YouTube or other similar other sites. You can also take it to festivals on your own. Or show it to distributors. There are many resources available on the internet.

Hey, it’s a free world!