24×7 Making Movies hottest event at 35th Indian International Film Festival, 2004 Goa

24×7 Making Movies a smash hit at the 25th Indian International Film Festival.

24×7 Making Movies is a program curated by leading Indian filmmakers Anuradha Parikh & Dev Benegal that invites anyone to make a film for free.

“It started of as a crazy idea,” say the curators, “what if for a week one could forget red tape, bureaucracy, development execs, financiers, film commissions and people who stifle creativity and make films for free.”

“What if we gave anyone a state of the art camera, an Apple Final Cut Pro editing system and the opportunity to have a world premiere of their film in a cinema immediately?”

The challenge invites anyone below 24 years to make fiction films from 24 seconds to 24 minutes within 24 hours.

“I picked up the phone and spoke to Apple about this idea, says Dev Benegal. “G5 and G4 systems each with Final Cut Pro were flown into the sunny beaches of Goa.” Most participants had never used these systems and some had never held a camera before. But the results have been amazing. We are seeing stories and images which we haven’t seen before.

Currently over 200 people are part of this challenge and 40 films will be screened at the new venue in Goa.

The films are running to a packed house at Goa’s latest multiplex screen and one of them has been shortlisted for Cannes. “Nothing could be better,” gush the curators thrilled that this crazy idea has suddenly changed the way films are made.