Certificates of Participation

Certificates of participation will be mailed to all participants in the 2nd week of January.
Please send the following information…

The Certificate will be in the name of the applicant and not in the names of the team members.
Please send us the following details either by email or post to the address below
Name of participant/applicant:

  1. Mobile:
  2. Email id:

And for our files we would also like the following info:

  1. Director of the film
  2. Camera person
  3. Editor

24×7 making movies
Attn: Sopan Muller
Tropicfilm Private Limited
G5/A Laxmi Mills Estate,
off Dr. E. Moses Road. Mahalaxmi,
Mumbai 400011.

email: mail@24x7makingmovies.com

And the winners are…

The Winners of the ’24×7 making movies’ program were announced at the Closing Ceremony of the 35th Indian International Film Festival on December 9, 2004.
The Prizes were handed over by Bollywood star Ms. Preity Zinta.

The Panasonic Digital Camera was won by
Mohammed Ali Rukadikar
for his film ‘The Delivery Boy’.
This Prize was sponsored by Fun Republic.

The Editing Software: Final Cut Pro from Apple was awarded to
Avinash Patil
for his film ‘Pen v/s Pen’

And the offer from Zee Television to Make A Film went to
Vijay Kalamkar for his film

(The film will have a budget of around thirty lakh rupees – and like Dev puts it, it’s a straight jump from Zero to 3 million in 24 hours!!)

Special Jury Recommendations to

Mahasweta Burma for her film ‘I Feel’
Sakshi Gulati for her film ‘Charu’
Rishad D’Cruz for his film ‘The Filmmaker’

The Jury also felt that the two animation films deserved a special mention for the creative thought and execution.

‘The Mud Island’ by Aneesh Soman
‘The Day After What If?’ by Nitesh Jain.

The Jury had a difficult task of selecting the award winners from the 14 films they first shortlisted – from a total of 39 films.

  1. THE SEASIDE STORY by Abhaya Simha
  2. PEN v/s PEN by Avinash Patil
  3. THE MUD ISLAND by Aneesh P. Soman
  4. MY QUEST by Janaki Shinkre
  5. I FEEL by Mahasweta Burma
  6. THE DELIVERY BOY by Mohammed Ali Rudalikar
  7. DAY AFTER WHAT IF? by Nitesh Jain
  8. SAMAJH – SPARE A THOUGHT by Pradeep Nair
  9. THE FILMMAKER by Rishad D’Cruz
  10. BALI – THE SACRIFICE by Robin D’Cruz
  11. CHARU by Shakshi Gulati
  12. SOME LIKE TO DANCE by Sukanya Ghosh
  13. FOOD-CHAIN POKER by Trinankur Banerjee
  14. RANG by Vijay Kalamkar

Mr. Mike Pandey
Mr. Sudhir Mishra.

Chaired by
Mr. Dev Benegal & Ms. Anuradha Parikh

In The Press

As one of the most popular features of the 35th International Film Festival of India, the ’24×7 making
movies’ program was widely covered in the press.

Links to articles on the web covering 24×7 Making Movies

Make a film in a day: Dev Benegal

Lights, camera, action: FTII students learn the hard way in 24hrs

Iranian film-maker wins Golden Peacock at IFFI

Cannes in a day

Unique forum for amateur filmmakers

Screening Schedule of the 24×7 films

From 3rd DECEMBER onwards the 24×7 film screenings will be held at 11:45 at Inox Screen 4
Here’s the SCREENING SCHEDULE & the LIST of all FILMS made to date.

VENUE: INOX- Screen # 4
from 3rd December to 8th December between 11:45 am to 12:15pm.

from 9th December 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

SCREENING SCHEDULE (updated daily)

All the remaining films not mentioned in the 3rd to 8th list will be screened from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.


  1. COUNTDOWN by Rakesh Thawani
  2. CHARU by Shakshi Gulati
  3. PEN v/s PEN by Avinash Patil
  4. ARC- THE INCOMPLETE CIRCLE by Sweta Narwekar
  5. DARA by Imran Haider


  1. FILMMAKER by Rishad D’Cruz
  2. VENGEANCE by Kartik Nagarajan
  3. FOOD-CHAIN POKER by Trinankur Banerjee


  1. I FEEL by Mahasweta Burma
  2. MY QUEST by Janaki Shinkre
  3. SOME LIKE TO DANCE by Sukanya Ghosh


  1. CHIC FLICK by Karthik Nagarajan
  2. SAMAJH – SPARE A THOUGHT by Pradeep Nair
  3. IT’S NOW OR NEVER by Sandeep Waigankar
  4. NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM DOING by Suyash Vadhavkar


  1. GO OUT by Sajin Paul
  2. DAY AFTER WHAT IF? by Nitesh Jain
  3. BALI – THE SACRIFICE by Robin D’Cruz


  1. THE DELIVERY BOY by Mohammed Ali R.
  2. THE MUD ISLAND by Aneesh P. Soman
  3. SEASIDE STORY by Abhaya Simha

List of all films made at the ’24×7 making movies’ Program

  1. SEASIDE STORY Abhaya Simha
  2. THE ELEMENTS & ME Aju Chris
  3. TEN DAYS Anand Tomar
  4. THE MUD ISLAND Anees P Soman
  5. WHITE Arun R.
  6. PEN v/s PEN Avinash Patil
  7. GREEN Divya Rao & Swati Ali
  8. MUDRA Ekant Babani
  10. DARA Imran Haider
  11. MY QUEST Janaki Shinkre
  12. MR. MATHEW’S PLACE Jigar Kapdi
  13. CHICK FLICK Karthik Nagarajan
  14. VENGENCE Kartik Nagarajan
  15. SILENT DREAMS Krishna Chandran
  16. I FEEL Mahasweta Burma
  17. THE DELIVERY BOY Mohammed Ali R.
  18. RAVISHING (of) RIVONA Mrinalika Joseph
  19. DAY AFTER WHAT IF? Nitesh Jain
  20. BOX OF PELLETS Norman Tagore Fernandes
  21. SAMAJ -SPARE A THOUGHT Pradeep Nair
  22. WHERE DREAMS MAY GO Praful Baweja
  23. SWABHAV Prashant Oberoi
  24. SANDOOK – THE BOX Rajesh Rane
  25. COUNTDOWN Rakesh Thawani
  26. ARJ, A NEW DISCOVERY Raviraj Naik
  27. THE FILMMAKER Rishad D’Cruz
  28. BALI – THE SACRIFICE Robin D’Cruz
  29. NADEEN Rohan Ghate
  31. GO OUT Sajin Paul
  32. IT’S NOW OR NEVER Sandeep Waingankar
  33. CHARU Shakshi Gulati
  35. CASTLING Sudhanshu Verma
  36. SOME LIKE TO DANCE Sukanya Ghosh
  38. ARC – THE INCOMPLETE CIRCLE Sweta Narwekar
  39. FOOD-CHAIN POKER Trinankur Banerjee
  40. RANG Vijay Kalamkar


24×7 Making Movies hottest event at 35th Indian International Film Festival, 2004 Goa

24×7 Making Movies a smash hit at the 25th Indian International Film Festival.

24×7 Making Movies is a program curated by leading Indian filmmakers Anuradha Parikh & Dev Benegal that invites anyone to make a film for free.

“It started of as a crazy idea,” say the curators, “what if for a week one could forget red tape, bureaucracy, development execs, financiers, film commissions and people who stifle creativity and make films for free.”

“What if we gave anyone a state of the art camera, an Apple Final Cut Pro editing system and the opportunity to have a world premiere of their film in a cinema immediately?”

The challenge invites anyone below 24 years to make fiction films from 24 seconds to 24 minutes within 24 hours.

“I picked up the phone and spoke to Apple about this idea, says Dev Benegal. “G5 and G4 systems each with Final Cut Pro were flown into the sunny beaches of Goa.” Most participants had never used these systems and some had never held a camera before. But the results have been amazing. We are seeing stories and images which we haven’t seen before.

Currently over 200 people are part of this challenge and 40 films will be screened at the new venue in Goa.

The films are running to a packed house at Goa’s latest multiplex screen and one of them has been shortlisted for Cannes. “Nothing could be better,” gush the curators thrilled that this crazy idea has suddenly changed the way films are made.

Selected Entries updated December 01, 2004

Congratulations! Here is the list of entries selected!!


Updated Wednesday, December 1, 2004


  1. Divya Rao & Swati Ali
  2. Imran Haider


  1. Simha G.A.
  2. Ekant Babani
  3. Mohammed Ali Rukadikar
  4. Nitesh Jain
  5. Norman Tagore Fernandes
  6. Vijay Kalamkar


  1. Arun Ramu
  2. Rishad DCruz
  3. Mrinalika Joseph
  4. Puuparampil Soman
  5. Janaki Shinkre


  1. Robin DCruz
  2. Anand VRS Tomar
  3. Gitesh Kohli
  4. Sajin Paul
  5. Sandeep Vaiganker


  1. Praful Bawecha
  2. Stanley Rego
  3. Sukanya Ghosh
  4. Suyash Vikas Vadhavkar
  5. Pradeep Nair


  1. Kartik Nagarajan
  2. Krishna C. Krishnakutty
  3. Mahashweta Burma
  4. Trinankur Bannerjee


  1. Jayant Rohatgi
  2. Sakshi Gulati
  3. Shweta Narvekar
  4. Vikrant Tari


  1. Avinash Patil
  2. Rakesh Thawani
  3. Sudhanshu Verma
  4. Aju Chris
  5. Raviraj Naik


  1. Sachin Bangera
  2. Prashant Oberoi
  3. Jigar Kapdi
  4. Rajesh Rane/Sid Mooj

Main Venue Security Notice

Urgent attention:
Kala Academy closed to all Nov 29th 2004 for security check because of inauguration function

The Kala Academy where the offices and Edit Suites of 24×7 Making Movies are housed will be CLOSED TO ALL on November 29, 2004. This is for a high level security check for the opening function of the Film Festival later in the evening.

With this in view we may need to reschedule the timings of some of the shoots.

Please phone Sopan Muller on his cell to get the latest update: 098229-03049

Please check this web log for updates as well.

Important contact information for Goa

Participants please read this immediately

“The participants should register in Goa for the 24×7 program at the Information Cell at the GMC – (old building) where the IFFI offices are located.. Participants have to submit stamp sized photographs at the time of registration for a delegate pass. Without the delegate pass access is denied to Kala Academy. Bring the photographs of all the team members who will be working with the director on the post production -editing.

For any information Sopan Muller may be called at his Goa mobile number -+91-98229-03049.”

Selected Entries- Updated Nov 25

Congratulations! Here is the list of entries selected!!

Please confirm your participation if you have not done so already.
We have received confirmations from all the names marked OK.

Divya Rao & Swati Ali 29 Nov 04 OK
2 Janaki Shinkre 29 Nov 04
3 Imran Haider 29 Nov 04
4 Rishad D’Cruz 29 Nov 04
5 Vijay Kalamkar 29 Nov 04
30 Nov 04
1 Abhaya Simha G.A. 30 Nov 04 OK
2 Ekant Babani 30 Nov 04
3 Mohammed Ali Rukadikar 30 Nov 04
4 Nitesh Jain 30 Nov 04
5 Norman Tagore Fernandes 30 Nov 04
1 Dec 04
1 Arun Ramu 1 Dec 04 OK
2 Gitesh Kohli 1 Dec 04
Mrinalika Joseph 1 Dec 04 OK
4 Puuparampil Soman 1 Dec 04
5 Sandeep Vaiganker 1 Dec 04
2 Dec 04
1 Robin D’Cruz 2 Dec 04 OK
2 Ana VRS Tomar 2 Dec 04
3 Jigar Kapdi 2 Dec 04
4 Sajin Paul 2 Dec 04
5 Rajesh Rane 2 Dec 04
3 Dec 04
1 Praful Bawecha 3 Dec 04 OK
2 Sanley Rego 3 Dec 04
Sukanya Ghosh 3 Dec 04 OK
4 Suyash Vikas Vadhavkar 3 Dec 04
5 Pradeep Nair 3 Dec 04
4 Dec 04
1 Kartik Nagarajan 4 Dec 04 OK
2 Krisna C. Krishnakutty 4 Dec 04
Mahashweta Burma 4 Dec 04 OK
4 Prashant Oberoi 4 Dec 04
5 Trinankur Bannerjee 4 Dec 04
5 Dec 04
1 Jayant Rohatgi 5 Dec 04 OK
Sakshi Gulati 5 Dec 04 OK
Shweta Narvekar 5 Dec 04 OK
4 Vikrant Tari 5 Dec 04

6 Dec 04
1 Avinash Patil 6 Dec 04 OK
2 Rakesh Thawani 6 Dec 04
3 Sachin Bangera 6 Dec 04
4 Sudhanshu Verma 6 Dec 04
5. Aju Chris 6 Dec 04

Selected Participants: Please read this carefully

Please confirm your participation by Nov 25th, 2004

  1. Please confirm your participation by November 25th 2004.
  2. Send us an email or a letter by courier.
  3. Please do NOT call us or VISIT the office personally.
  4. All selected participants to register at the venue 3 days prior to the date allotted to them for the shoot.
  5. During the festival we would encourage all teams to help each other out and understand how this process works.