Complete List of Films Made

Here is a complete list of films in the order they were made from October 1 to October 8, 2006 !

The Rope Trick by Alok Seth

My Brother, My Toy by Aakash Raghani

Krishna by Karan Talwar

Funny Business by Srinivas Mangipudi

The Pauses of the Stand-Up Comedian by Aditya Kelgaonkar

Just A Film by Anish Soman

Lost & Found by Dhaval Shah

Exhale by Karm Chawla

Before the Storm by Dushyant Kanungo

Good Morning, Bad Night by Prafulla Naik

Prasad ki Pudiya by Aniruddh Swarnkar

Guest Appearance by Asif Anis Khan

Ded Kilo Chicken by Sanjay Jadhav

Raghav by Mukesh Tiwai

Mritak by Rohit Kumar

The Terrified Clown by Arunabh Kumar

The Last Laugh by Ashutosh Pathak

The Sun by Divyesh Lad

Just A Moment by Md Ali Rukadikar

Faces by Faizan Ansari

Ghutan by Mahashweta Burma

Juggle Struggle by Sachin Bangera

What If..? by Tarunabh Dutta

Bantya Ikde De by Nilesh Ojha

Erased by Neha Thakker

Black Curtain by Rajkumar Bhagawant

Tring Tring by Chandrashekhar Kamble